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Hi Jack,

I am currently a photography student in Daytona, FL. I worked with horses for almost 15 years and am very interested in becoming involved in Equine Photography. Any suggestions as to how one can start in the industry? In this area it seems that so many show managers use the same photographers year after year. Also, do you have any tips as to how one might be able to make a horse's legs appear straighter in a traditional standing pose?

Thank you for your time,

Christine Dunn


Dear Christine,

First, show managers use the photographers year after year only because they do a good job, are efficient, dependable and exhibitors are happy with the photographs that they produce.

There are many, many small shows that do not have photographers and the show managers of these would generally appreciate having someone take photos of the horses in the show. Seek these shows out, and try your hand at the job. It isn't as easy as it appears, but it is one of the ways that you can learn exactly what is involved. The cardinal rule that you must learn at the outset, is to deliver exactly what you promise in a timely manner.

I am not sure exactly what breed of horse you are referring to, but each breed is photographed in a slightly different manner. The handler of that horse should be able to control the animal and stand him up in the proper manner for that breed. Please let me know exactly which breeds you are interested in and I will show you the proper pose for those breeds.

Subject heading: Getting started photographing horse shows
Posted: Jun 1998
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