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I would like to know if its possible to take a picture off of a video tape. I have some video's of horses & ponies that I would like to be able to stop the tape and capture a specific segment on a picture. Is this possible and if so where would a person take the video to have this done.



Thank you for your inquiry. Yes it is possible to make a hard copy (picture) from a video tape. The ability of the tape to produce a hard copy that is of any decent quality is the problem. Most video tapes produce a 640X480 pixel image and that just isn't good enough for a photo of any decent size. But you can make a fairly decent 3X5 image.

There are several units that are comparatively inexpensive and are readily available. They are easy to use and connect to your computer through a VHS which you probably already have. One of the units sold is called "SNAPPY" and can be purchased over the internet or through most computer super-stores. The cost of these is approximately $200.00

Subject heading: Getting a print from video
Posted: Apr 1998
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