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I usually specialize in photographing people. However, I am also a horse owner and lover. Friends have asked me if I'd take pictures of their horses for some advertising purposes. I said I'd try, but I need more information on how to best shoot a horse without shortening hips, etc. Can you give me any brief pointers or direct me to some good web sites. I've been searching, but can't find a lot on the topic.

Thanks for your time!

Renee Stroh-McClurg


Dear Renee,

You've come to the correct web site, but you haven't looked far enough into it. If you would look at all the the previous questions of the month and my answers to them, I believe you will find the answers that you are looking for. After that, if you have more specific questions, please let me know.

Subject heading: Photographing horses
Posted: Mar 1998
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