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Thank you Jack,

I appreciate your compliments regarding my photos.

What do you mean by giving me great depth of field?

I don't have any leased horse photos, what section did you mean to tell me about on poor lighting on my horses as I would like to go look at what you are telling me?

Would I be better off getting a different brand of flash that would work with this camera and lenses?

I need a simple camera as I am not very good when it comes to settings etc, there are a few newer Cannons that are for people like me and I was looking at them, I really don't know if there is one that would do any better than what I am using, do you know if there is??

What do you think of the lenses that I am using??

I am sorry to be so much trouble, I wish you lived near me as I know that would be a huge help for me as I want to have my horses looking the best that I can, a picture is worth a thousand words and bad photos don't help me sell my horses.

Jack I am using the standard in Wal-Mart Fuji 400 film, is there a better grade of professional film that I would be better off with??

Penny Cates


Dear Penny,

I will try to explain "depth of field" to you in this way. When you focus on an object that is 10 feet away from you, and your lens is wide open, any part of the object will be in acute focus exactly 10 feet from you. At 8 or 12 feet away, the object is not in as sharp focus The distances from the lens that the object retains sharpness is called the depth of field. Your lenses are marked with the depth of field on the barrel of the lens. Look at them and see if you can understand what the marks on your lens represents.

The more a lens is closed down the greater is the depth of field. If you are shooting at F11for example you have a greater depth of field than if you were shooting at F3.5. You should be able to use it to your advantage. If you want to fade out the background, you can use your lens wide open, but focus sharply on the horse. Conversely, if you want to keep more of the frame in focus with objects away from the horse, you need to close down your lens as much as possible and read from the marks on your lens what distances will be within the "depth of field".

I do not know what flash you are using, but for your camera I recommend the Canon EX. Your camera seems to do a good job.. I would stick with the Canon, it is a fine camera. To upgrade you would have to spend at least $1,000.00 for a better camera, and it might not do a better job for you.

Fuji 400 film is just fine. Keep using it..do not switch films. You will get used to the exposure you get from using the same film all the time. Keep in touch, and if I can be of help let me know.

Happy trails,

Subject heading: Lens / Field of depth
Posted: Sep 2002
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