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Hi Jack,

I am a professional photographer of 15 years and own a studio in the upstate NY area. I am interested in entering the horse photography arena and I am looking for guidance on the process including lighting in the show area, and pricing. I am fully digital and print with a Pictography 4000II. Any guidance you can offer would be a big help, or pointing me to a forum that can answer my questions. Please visit my website to see the work I currently specialize in: www.trammelphoto.com

Many thanks!

Keith Trammel


Dear Keith,

I wish that I could give you a simple answer, or guidance to the query, "How can one enter the horse photography business"

Please understand that I have been in the business for over forty years' and am the ONLY photographer that has actually trained many other photographers that are currently successful. Therefore, do not take the following to mean that I am attempting to dissuade you from trying to enter the business.

To be successful, one must be MUCH MORE of a horseman than a photographer. The knowledge of each breed's characteristics, and movement and exactly what the owner is looking for in a photo that he will pay MONEY for is not easily obtainable. From the outside, seemingly, that a beautiful photo of a horse will equate with earned dollars is just not true. A single ear back or one foot inches too far forward or cocked incorrectly, makes a photo worthless to the owner. It is still a beautiful photo, but one that does not bring home the bacon. This is NOT an "artsy" business, it is a craft that must be conquered with horse knowledge, photographic ability, proper equipment, business acumen, and a personality that will make people want to do business with you.

You seem to have the photographic background and the equipment and I am sure that the photos on your site are beautiful....... but....... at this time with the proliferation of simple to use digital cameras there are seemingly hundreds of people (mostly young ladies) who will do almost anything to be in any way associated with horses. I just am not sure that I can be enthusiastic about entering the business and MAKING A GOOD LIVING in it.

Please see the question and answer section at my site at: WWW.horsephotographer.com and the answers as to shooting, lighting, etc.will be answered. I do not use digital equipment, but otherwise all of the other factors are the same. I work digitally to enhance photos with much the same equipment that you have. Sorry, there is no forum that can answer all your questions. There is somewhat of a forum that you might go to it is, I believe, www.equinephotographers.net. If you go to their "post a job" column, you will see what I mean about photographers trying to enter the business.

At any rate, if I can help you as to more specific items, write.

Subject heading: Digital Photography
Posted: Jun 2002
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