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Hello Jack,

I am Charles Hoyt (Picturethings.com) I have put togehter a mobile Photo lab prints up to 8x10 also could install unit for 20"x 28" prints. I would like to know what you thoughts on this would be. I would like to semi retire and shoot horse shows and rodeos. I see by your web site you have alot of experince I have been into photography since 1955. I have no great resume just the litte guy! I have had photo labs, shoot lots film and know about photography.

Thank you for your time

Charles Hoyt


Dear Charles,

The mobile lab concept is the only way that I can envision anyone making a living photographing horses at shows. I have had a mobile lab since I started in the 1950's, and I was the first photographer to produce color photos in a mobile unit.

There is always room for a good photographer in our business. You need to charge a fair price and deliver exactly what you promise. I recommend using a 120mm camera and a professional strobe, so that you can photograph both indoor and outdoor shows and have a decent size proof for potential customers to view.

If you need any specific advice on film, or equipment please check my website in the question section or write me again.

Subject heading: Mobile Lab
Posted: Feb 2001
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