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Dear Jack,

I have been a fan of your photographs for many years. I recently decided to start my own equine photography business and have found your website a big help (especially the question/answer part). I am going to specialize in making quality photos affordable for the local equestrians, primarily at the small shows. I would also like to make some posters (in bulk) and would really appreciate your help.

My question(s) to you is this...how would you go about making QUALITY posters (say 15x19) of your photographs. Would you use a specific kind of film? All of my photos are taken outdoors. I have been using Kodak Gold 200 and Royal Gold but I'm taking the plunge to Fuji due to fellow shutterbugs swearing that the color is better with Fuji film than Kodak. By using 400 speed film would the photo be too grainy when blown up to poster size?

Any and all answers/comments would be very much appreciated! I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.


Anne Prouty


Dear Anne,

You will find good success with Fuji 400 ISO film. I imagine that you are using a 35mm camera. If so, you should have no grain problem, and as long as your focus is right on, you should have no problem with fuzzy images up to 16x20.

If you are using a 2 1/4 camera, and focus right on, you should have no problem going up to a 20x30 enlargement.

I am interested in your concept of your making "poster" size prints, since most photographers offer 16x20's as a normal photo size. Of course, their price varies to some degree (my price for that size of enlargement is $125.00).

Let me know how you do...

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Posted: Nov 2000
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