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I currently have a Nikon N70 camera, a 70-300 lens, and a Quantaray 9500 flash. On my first indoor shoot, the presentation pictures were ok but the action shots were blurred. I was using Fuji 800 film and had the camera on program mode. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Linda Harold


Dear Linda,

Your camera, lens and flash are wonderful, but not well suited for your current purpose. The N70 camera is considered to be an "amateur" type and is simply not capable of doing the job that you expect of it. The flash synchronization speed of your camera is 1/125th of a second and that is too slow to stop the motion of a horse..

It is necessary for the camera shutter speed to operate at about 1/500th of a second to stop the horse's action. At that point, your flash must be capable of properly lighting a horse at 25 to 30 feet and I don't believe that the Quanteray can do that indoors. Ambient light should not be a photographic factor except to enable the photographer to see and be able to catch the horse's action.

The use of Fuji 800 ISO is a step forward, but cannot take the place of a camera and flash that are capable of producing the necessary results at 400 ISO.

Subject heading: Flash Question
Posted: Nov 2000
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