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I have just received my business name and am now ready to start photographing other peoples horses. I was wondering if you knew where I could find job contracts specifically designed for equine photography. Any help you could provide would be extremely grateful.




Dear April,

I don't know the area that you live in, but there is alway room for good photographers. The industry is rather broad and you need to find a niche in which to hone your photographic ability. I'm sure that there is a specific breed of horse with which you are most familiar, if so, concentrate on that one breed. Go to the various barns in your area, speak to owners, trainers, grooms, etc. This is the perfect time for photographing people and horses for Christmas presents.

Get to know everyone in your area in the horse business. Let them know that you are "ready, willing and ABLE" to do justice to their animals with your trusty camera.

Find the barns in your area that have a lesson program for beginners and intermediate riders. Offer to do a "shoot" on a weekend at a reduced rate for the entire class, and offer something "free" for the stable owner or trainer.

I could go on and on and on....the possibilities are endless for an individual that can go ahead with new ideas. People will never come to you with "job contracts" unless you first go to them with powerful images of their horses.

I hope this gives you some ideas, April, keep in touch and let me know how you progress.

Subject heading: New Business
Posted: Nov 2000
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