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Hi Jack,

I love your website, but I have a question for you. I am going to be taking a passport photo of a dressage horse this spring/summer, and want it to be good. My question is: WHat kind of background is best? The mare is a dark bay Dutch Warmblood, but I'm wondering also for steel grey, fleabitten grey, bright chestnut, etc. Would a woodsy background, field, sky, etc be best? She will be wearing a halter only.

Thanks in advance



Dear Kathryn,

In photographing a horse for identification purposes, the less background the better. No background is the very best. Remember that the horse should be shown from all four sides, straight on. Keep your camera at the level of his heart, and shoot from a right angle to the animal and have him standing in a normal position, not stretched and make sure that all his markings show.

Subject heading: Taking a passport photograph of a horse
Posted: Dec 1998
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