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I have been delegated to be the photographer for my granddaughters at their horseshows events (mostly videos) with a cheap 35mm insta-matic. Would like to go digital someday. But until I can afford a pro digital, can you suggest an easy to use 35mm camera for good quality pictures and suggested lenses and can't- do -without accessories for indoor and outdoor shots.

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I suggest that you purchase the best Canon Eos camera that you can afford. The Canon Eos series of cameras are available in many price categories, and any lens that you purchase is inter- changeable with any other Eos camera. I highly recommend this Canon series of cameras.

As far as a lens is concerned, I recommend a 35 to 105 mm lens for your use. A lens such as that, will allow you to stand at a proper distance from the subject.

I recommend that you use Fuji ISO400 film.

If you will check my site and visit the various Questions of the Month, I believe that you will find many tips that will help you in your photographic endeavors.

If there are any other specific questions that you have, please write again.

Subject heading: Recommendation for a 35mm camera
Posted: Nov 1998
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