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Mr. Schatzberg,

I have watched you work in the show ring for many years. I have always wondered how you are able to get the horses to put their ears up as you do while on the rail.

Avon Lake Ohio


Dear Judy,

The question that you have asked is one that has baffled many horse show photographers. A horse will prick his ears up at a movement in or out of the ring. Some photographers get the horse's attention by a creating a motion such as kicking dirt as the horse approaches. I consider this practice to be dangerous and do not practice it. The rider deserves and needs the horse's attention at all times to be able to maintain command and signal the horse.

If you will notice I do most of my shooting the first way of the ring. Horses entering the show ring will usually put their ears up as they enter the ring and during much of the first way. As the class wears on, many horses will use their ears at a specific part of the ring that is somehow different from the balance of the ring. The photographer needs to watch this area and use it to his advantage.

Subject heading: Getting the photo with the horses ears forward
Posted: Oct 1998
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