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  What equipment to use Feb 1998
  What equipment do I use? Jul 1998
  Timing Jan 2000
  The right lens and film to use Jan 1998
  Taking a passport photograph of a horse Dec 1998
  Taking "sellable" photographs Oct 1999
  Selecting lens and film Nov 1997
  Recommendation for a 35mm camera Nov 1998
  Posters Nov 2000
  Photographs and talks about horses Jun 2008
  Photographing the different breeds Sep 1998
  Photographing Jumping horses Aug 1998
  Photographing horses Mar 1998
  Photographing dogs Mar 2001
  Photographing cutting horses Dec 1997
  Photographing a Quarter Horse May 1998
  New Business Nov 2000
  Mobile Lab Feb 2001
  Lens / Field of depth Sep 2002
  Getting the photo with the horses ears forward Oct 1998
  Getting started photographing horse shows Jun 1998
  Getting a print from video Apr 1998
  Flash Question Nov 2000
  Flash Problems Sep 1999
  Flash Problems Sep 2002
  Flash Jun 2001
  Eyes and Flashes Jun 2001
  Digital Photography Nov 1999
  Digital Photography Jun 2002
  A few questions… Oct 1999

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