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My Favorite Foreign Horse Show

The National Israeli Horse Show is a 1 day Sunday show that includes pleasure, jumping, halter, dressage and driving classes it is held in a public park 30 minutes from Tel Aviv. We had a leisurely 2 hour lunch break and finished before dark.

Overall view of the crowd

Thousands of spectators line the hillsides of the amphitheater in the city of Ashdod. Everyone in the crowd, from Bedouin sheiks and Hassidic families, to Palestinian and Israeli school children, appeared to delight in the beautiful Arabian horses shown to them under clear blue Mediterranean skies. Local television and radio stations, both Arab and Israeli, broadcast the event to homes across the nation.


Crowning the Grand Champion Stallion

The Grand Champion Stallion is crowned. Presenting the trophy is the Minister of Agriculture. In the booth behind him, General Chaim Bar-Lev looks on. At the time, Bar-Lev was Israel's Minister of Police. He was also the Chairman of the Israeli Arabian Horse Society, and our host for this memorable trip. The horse was exhibited by the Sabra Arabians, whose farm name honors those born in modern-day Israel.


Entertaining the audience

A precision drill team entertains the huge crowd with their equestrian skills. The riders are schooled in the ancient discipline of dressage, the basis for educated riding worldwide. The horses are descended from the Crabett Park Arabians of England.


A working Israeli policeman entered his gelding

An Israeli police officer shows his gelding in a conformation class. The Israelis value their horses not just for their beauty, but also for their ability to work. The following day, on a sightseeing trip to Jerusalem, we happened upon this pair hard at work controlling the throngs of tourists.


An Israeli tack truck

Everything the modern Israeli horseman could want or need comes out of the back of this tack shop/van. As in many aspects of Israeli life, however, simplicity is the order of the day. Much of the equipment used by Israeli horsemen is handcrafted.

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