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The winningest racehorse of all time, Cigar, being ridden to his retirement ceremony by his jockey Jerry Bailey during the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City.


Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby said that he always wanted to win a blue ribbon riding a horse. Here he is at the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden. He did not win a blue ribbon, but won the applause of the standing room only crowd.


William Shatner

Mr. Shatner is shown here riding his 5 gaited horse to a victory pass at the Saint Louis National Charity Horse Show in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Mr. Shatner owns a ranch in the Louisville, Kentucky area and is a breeder and great supporter of the American Saddlebred Horse.


Zsa Zsa Gabor

Ms. Gabor is shown here riding her grey Tennessee Plantation Walking Horse "The Silver Fox" at the Santa Barbara National Horse Show in Santa Barbara, California.

Ms. Gabor is an avid breeder and fan of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Her daughter Francesca also rides and shows Walking Horses.


Dr. Gene Scott

Dr. Gene Scott riding one of his 5 gaited horses at his ranch in Bradbury, California.


Willie Shoemaker

At the Santa Anita Horse Show, in Pasadena, California a week prior to the 1984 Olympic Games, a class was held in which only jockeys could compete. The entries were a Whos-Who of the racing world. Mr. Shoemaker, the winningest jockey of all time was again the winner of the class. He is shown riding an Arabian Horse.


Jumping Mini Mule

At The Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Missouri, an exhibition of jumping mules is held. A 4x8 foot sheet of plywood is held in place by steel standards that are spiked into the ground for support. The Mules are asked to jump the plywood from a standstill by their handler who is on the opposite side of the jump. He guides the Mule by holding a lead line. The jump is raised by adding 2x4's, 2x6's, or 2x8's after the mules have successfully managed the jump until the winning mule is crowned. The Mule in the photo is a Mini Mule, ( 48 inches or less at the wither) jumping six feet 2 inches.


Prince Philip

Prince Philip the chairman of the International Olympic Committee and members of his committee toured Santa Anita Race Track to inspect the facility for the coming Olympics in 1984. Michelle Macfarlane drove her four-in-hand team of Hackney Horses, which she purchased in Britian, with the committee on board. During the ride, knowing that Prince Philip was a renowned whip, she asked him if he would like to drive the four-in-hand, he politely declined.

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