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Jack's Biography


Jack Schatzberg grew up in New York City and attended college at what is now Pennsylvania State University. At the outbreak of World War II, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps and piloted multi-engine aircraft for the duration of the conflict. After the war, he became a flight instructor, flying with his pupils over the beautifully landscaped estates along the north shore of Long Island. With an Army surplus aerial camera and film, he photographed these majestic homes and discovered a ready market when he showed his work to the owners. What began as a hobby became a lucrative career as Jack tried all facets of photography. Over the years he has photographed everything from babies to high-fashion models. Jack's interest in horse photography began when his daughters learned to ride in the 1960's, and today he is known as one of America's top horse show photographers. His work has appeared in Vogue and Sports Illustrated as well as numerous horse publications representing all breeds. Jack, is the father of well-known horse photographer Howard Schatzberg. Casey McBride, his grandson, has also started on his photograhic career. Jack is married to journalist Judith McBride and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He and his wife often work together and have traveled thoughout the United States, Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

Currently he is the official photographer at approximately 18 horse shows per year. He uses a Hasselbald ELM camera and Fuji 120 film. He has a complete portable darkroom with him at the shows. This permits the immediate showing of proofs and delivery of completed photos during the horse show.

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