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The Tennesse Walking Horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse was developed in the heart of Tennessee during the late 1800's. Of primarily Standard-bred stock, the Morgan, American Saddlebred and Thoroughbred have all been genetically combined to produce the Tennessee Walking Horse. His forte, is a smooth, long-strided, easy-going gait called the running walk, in which the front feet appear to trot while the rear legs' stride oversteps the front feet. Horses are generally 14.2 to 16.3 in size, and the color patterns of the Tennessee Walking Horse are a true potpourri of equine color blends. The three gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse are the flat walk., the running walk, and the canter. The flat and running walk have the same footfalls (a broken four beat gait). The running walk, however, is performed at a faster rate of speed coupled with a rhythmic nodding head and swinging ears.

Performance horses in the show ring are shown with built-up front feet to enhance their natural abilities. Plantation horses are shown flat shod, and as a result does not have the accentuated gaits of the built up horses. There are classes for everyone in the walking Horse division; specialty classes for amateurs are 2 gait classes. There are open and juvenile classes, trail, driving, in hand, and antebellum costume classes.

Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association
     250 N. Wellington Pkwy, Lewisburg, TN  37091
     Phone: 1-800-359-1574

Magazines that cater to the TWH enthusiasts

Voice of the Walking Horse is the official publication of the TWHBEA, address above.

Walking Horse Report
     730 Madison St., Shelbyville, TN  37160

The Plantation Showcase      1819 118th Ave., Wheatland, IA  52777

Built Up Show Horse

Jackie McConnell making a victory pass on his 2 year old champion Tennessee Walking horse at the Germantown, TN Horse Show.


Flat Shod Plantation Horse

Wayne Westbrook riding her champion Plantation Pleasure Walking Horse at the Georgetown, TX Horse Show.


Racking Horse

Part of the Tennessee Walking Horse show, the Racking Horse is usually an important adjunct. Owners of one of these breeds often have the other breed.

Here Mr. Percy Moss, Sr. shows his World Champion Racking Horse to a victory pass at the Big D Horse Show in Dallas, Texas. The gait is a perfect "singlefoot" with only one foot on the ground.


Formal Driving Horse

Ms. Jo Corrigan is shown driving her Tennessee Walking Horse in a formal driving class at the California Celebration Horse Show.

Driving horses show at a flat walk and a running walk both ways of the ring. Speed is never a factor in their judging, the length of stride of their rear, and the length of overstride often determines the champion.

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