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The Shetland Pony

The Shetland Pony wandered the moors of the Shetland Islands during the 8th century. In later years they were trained and bred to pull ore carts in the coal mines of Scotland. They were first imported in to the United States in the latter part of the 1800's as a child's mount and selectively bred for both refinement and temperament. Training has made the sturdy Shetland Pony reliable and capable of being both an elegant mount and a fine driving pony. The ponies height may not exceed 46 inches and the Shetland Pony is found in every color pattern. In the show ring they are shown in hand and in driving classes such as roadster, harness and pleasure driving. These ponies are registered as Classic American Shetland Ponies.

The Modern American Shetland Pony, a cross of the Shetland Pony with the Hackney Pony has been developed into a high stepping, elegant pony with great sophistication and the inherent hardiness of the Shetland. As with all Shetlands, their maximum height is 46 inches and all color patterns are permissible. In the show ring, they are shown both in-hand and in performance classes, such as roadster, harness and pleasure driving. The classes are divided into two height divisions, 43 inches and under and over 43 inches.

The headquarters of the breed is the:

American Shetland Pony Club
     81-B Queenswood Road, Morton, IL  61550
     Phone: 309-263-4132

The Journal is the official magazine of the American Shetland Pony club. Address above.

Shetland harness pony

Ms. Schrock drives her harness pony for a victory pass at The Ohio State Fair Horse Show in Columbus, Ohio.


Shetland Roadster Pony

Bobby Roudebush wearing the family silks drives his roadster pony in a junior exhibitor Shetland Roadster Pony Class at the Ohio State Fair Horse Show at Columbus, Ohio.


Fancy Turnout

A pony class that has made a great resurgence is this Fancy Turnout Class.

The young lady is put into the fine harness vehicle; a wire cage is installed around her and the skirt is then attached. The driver is always the boy who is duty bound to kiss the female if they are fortunate enough to win a blue ribbon.


Pair of Driving Shetland Ponies

At the Ohio State Fair Horse Show, Mr. Taylor drove his pair of Shetland Ponies. He is seated in his viceroy cart. The viceroy was originally designed for the Viceroy of India’s Hackney Horses, thence its name. Pony carts, are smaller versions of the regular horse-size carts.

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