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The Peruvian Paso Horse

The ancestors of the Peruvian Paso Horse were introduced by Pizzaro to Peru. Pizarro's horses, Barbs with some Arabian and Andalusian blood, interbred with the indigenous Peruvian horses and laid the foundation for the present Paso breed. Developed some 300 years ago the modern Peruvian Paso is a triumph of horse breeding.

They vary greatly in size from 13 to15 hands and are seen in almost every equine color. All Peruvian Paso horses have long hind legs, long pasterns, strong bone and hoofs, enormous hearts and lungs, and unusual flexibility of their joints.

The Paso is a unique lateral gait that can be maintained for a long time even over rocky terrain without tiring the horse or rider. It is a natural gait that can produce a top speed of up to15 miles per hour. No other breed produces a true Paso, with its characteristic paddle-like movement of the forelegs while the hind legs move forward in a straight line, often overstepping the forelegs. The hind end is held low with the back held straight and rigid.

The headquarters of the breed is:

Peruvian Paso Horse Registry of North America
     3077 Wiljan Court, Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA  95407

Major magazines that cater to the Peruvian Paso enthusiast

     150 Dove Meadow, Solvang, CA  93463

     P.O. Box 1049, Lake Elsinor, CA  92531

Peruvian Digest
     416 NE Wilshire, Burleson, TX  76028

Luxury Gelding

Here Leslie Potoff is shown in a victory pass riding her Luxury Gelding in a performance class at the Carousel Horse show in Scottsdale, Arizona. A luxury gelding in this breed is defined as a horse of the finest quality that you would be proud to ride to church on Sunday.


Peruvian Paso Head

In this head photo, you can see the tack that is used on Peruvian Paso horses. It is hand plaited of very fine rawhide. The manner and application of tack is specific through custom. The "paso" is a unique lateral gait that can be maintained for an asonishing long time. No other breed performs the true "paso" with its paddle-like movements of the fore legs, while the hind legs move in a straight line. The breed was developed some 300 years ago.


Peruvian Paso Pleasure Victory Pass

The rider in the victory pass of this Peruvian Paso pleasure horse is thanking the crowd and the judge for the honor that has been bestowed on him.

The rider is wearing the traditional white shirt, white trousers, poncho and hat. These are mandatory for showing the Peruvian Paso Horse in the "Breeding Division" classes.

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