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The Paso Fino Horse

The Paso Fino is a naturally gaited horse developed in the Caribbean and South America. They trace back to the time of Columbus and the Conquistadors who brought their mounts with them for their expeditions in the Western Hemisphere.

These horses were refined in Puerto Rico, Colombia and Peru. Paso Finos combines the normally incompatible characteristics of sturdiness and elegance in a single package. The Paso Fino Horse is normally shown at three gaits, the Classic Fino, the Paso Corto and the Paso Largo. All of these gaits are lateral 4 beat gaits with each foot contacting the ground in a rigid unbroken rhythm. The degree of collection varies with each gait, but all are incredibly smooth for the rider.

Paso Fino Performance Horse

The photograph shows Ms. K.K. DuBois riding her performance mare over the sounding board at the Carousel Horse Show in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The sounding board is constructed of 4x8 sheets of plywood nailed to a base of 2x4's, and is 48 to 64 feet in length. The sounding board is used to evaluate the cadence of the horse gait as the horse traverses in both directions at the Paso Largo. The exceedingly rapid, staccato beat of the hooves is magnified by the sounding board and resounds thoughout the area.


Group of Paso Fino Riders

At the Lexington, Kentucky Horse Park, the Paso Fino exhibitors rode accross the beautiful meadows gettting ready to show. Notice that the dress of these riders vary based on the type of class they will enter. The rider wearing the black official Paso Fino show costume will be entering a Paso Fino performance class. The rider on the grey western horse is wearing the required western attire.

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