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The Miniature Horse

The American Miniature is a bred downsized version of the full sized horse.

They are colored in every conceivable horse color and pattern. The modern American Miniature Horse is proportioned very much like his full sized predecessor, the Arabian, Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, and Paint Horse, as well as the Hackney and Shetland Pony. They are shown in hand, driven as a pleasure cart horse, a formal driving horse, a roadster and shown by a handler in trail classes, and as a hunter and a jumper over fences. The costumes that the horses allow themselves to be decked with demonstrate their remarkably good nature, which makes them an ideal companion.

There are two registries for the Miniature Horse:

The American Miniature Horse Association
     5601 South Interstate 35W, Alvarado, TX  76009
     Phone: 817-783-5600

The American Miniature Horse Registry
     818 Queenswood Road, Morton, IL  61550
     Phone: 309-253-4044

Magazines that cater to the Miniature Horse enthusiast are:

Miniature Horse World
     Official publication of AMHA -- address above.

Miniature Horse Voice
     P.O. Box 857, Loris, SC  29569
     Phone: 803-756-6464

The Journal
     Official publication of the AMHR -- address above.

Miniature Roadster

Larry Parnell driving the National Champion miniature roadster horse at the AMHR National Championship Show in Columbia, Missouri.


Halter champion

Sheryl Lyn Williams showing off her Reserve National Champion Miniature Horse at the AMHR National Championship Horse Show in Columbia, Missouri.


Jumping Miniature Horse

During each miniature horse show, there are obstacle, trail and jumping classes. In these, the exhibitor leads the horse over or through the various well-designed obstacles. Here a miniature horse is led to a jump which he navigates quite easily.


Costume class

Costume classes are the fun part of the show as you can see. This chicken-horse left a trail of fresh eggs wherever he traveled.

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