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The Draft Horses


Belgian Cart

Ms. Crawford driving her Belgian mare in the ladies cart class at the Ohio State Fair Horse Show in Columbus, Ohio.

The Belgian is the most widely used draft horse in the United States. Caesar used these warhorses and they helped lay the foundation for both the Shire and the Clydesdale breeds.


Shire Team

A pair of Shire horses driven in a gentlemen's wagon team class at the Ohio State Fair Horse Show in Columbus, Ohio.

The Shire is traditionally evolved from the "Great horse of England", which carried knights into battle. The shire in both height and weight is the largest purebred horse in the world.


Percheron Four-in-Hand

Larry Honsburger and his 11-year-old daughter driving a 4 in hand team of Percheron horses at the Ohio State Fair Horse Show at Columbus, Ohio.

The Percheron, a native of the hills of Perche, France was bred from a mixture of the draft horses from the surrounding counties plus an infusion of Arabian blood. The Percheron is always black or grey with a minimum of white. It is often crossed with thoroughbred horses to breed hunters up to weight.


Clydsdale Unicorn

This is a Clydesdale unicorn hitch driven to a blue ribbon at the Ohio State Fair Horse Show in Columbus, Ohio. The unicorn is considered one of the most difficult hitches to drive, since the horse in front is comparatively free.

Clydesdales were developed in Scotland in the middle of the eighteenth century, This famous breed has a wealth of hair (feathers) covering the feet and legs.


Percheron Six Horse Hitches

At the International Draft Horse Show in Detroit, Michigan, there was one class in which 14 six horse Percheron Horse hitches performed.

During the evaluation judging, I was able to capture this overall photograph.

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