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The Arabian Horse

According to Bedouin tradition, the Arabian horse lived wild in Yemen until it was caught in 3000 BC. and trained by their forefathers. It was at the time of Baz the great, great, grandson of Noah who owned the wild mare Baz.

Today the Arabian is used as a pleasure horse and in the show ring in the United States and throughout the world. They are also raced at pari-mutual racetracks at distances longer then 2 miles. The Arabian horse has distinguished himself as a great endurance horse, winning more national and international endurance titles than any other breed.

In the show ring, Arabians are shown both in-hand and in performance classes. The versatile Arabian performs in English pleasure with both the hunt and flat saddle, western pleasure, as a pleasure driving horse, a formal driving horse, a stock and trail horse, a cutting horse, a hunter and jumper, plus the ever popular native costume class.

The headquarters of the breed is the International Arabian Horse Association at P.O. Box 33696, Denver, Colorado 80233.

Major magazines that cater to the Arabian Horse enthusiast

Arabian Horse Times
     1050 8th Street N.E., Waseca, Minnesota  56093

Arabian Horse News
     1316 Tamson Dr., Suite 101, Cambria, CA  93428

Western Pleasure

Tommy Garland is shown here riding the champion IMTU KOOL at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale, Arizona. IMTU KOOL is owned by Valerie Brown of Newport News, Virginia. The western pleasure horse is shown at the three gaits, walk, jog, and lope, plus the extended jog.


English Pleasure

A young lady is showing her english pleasure horse to an appreciative crowd at the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden in New York City.


Costume Horse

This Arabian is the reining National Champion Arabian Costume Horse. This colorful class is always the one most enjoyed by spectators.

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